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Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR
Data protection law in the UK is about to undergo the most significant changes since the Data Protection Act in 1998. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2016 and you have until May 2018 to become fully compliant.
This course will benefit any staff working in HR, IT, compliance, operations and finance, as well as legal advisors, marketing professionals, company secretaries, directors and anyone with a responsibility for managing data or advising on data protection issues.
A detailed knowledge of the current law is not essential to attend this course.
The course is a step-by-step guide to GDPR and will help you understand what you should be doing now and in the coming months to prepare for the important changes. The course will show you how to comply with the Regulation and what will change from the existing legislation. It will explain the new rules regarding the legal basis for processing, consent, privacy notices, control of personal data, mandatory breach reporting, complaints and penalties. The financial penalties for non-compliance will be very substantial so it is absolutely vital that your organisation is fully prepared as early as possible.

Assertiveness - 1 Day Course
- Enhance your ability to say no with grace
- Handling “perceived” objections up front
- Understanding the dynamics of NLP in the workplace
- Taking a stance with your body language
- Zero tolerance for bullying in the working environment
- Handling abuse from those around us
- Learning how to manage our emotions
- Learn how changing our reactions changes our world

Business Writing - Basic1 Day Course
Good Business Writing is the memo that gets actioned, the letter that says what a phone call can’t. Good writing is hard work. This course builds a foundation and understanding of basic concepts and practices that will make writing correct and clear and improve effectiveness by giving more authority to the writer.
- To learn the value of good written communication
- Word agreements and readability
- To learn how to write so it is clear, concise, complete and correct
- To provide opportunities to apply these skills in real situations

Business Writing - Advanced - 1 Day Course
- To enhance writing with inclusive language, parallel construction and proper use of punctuation
- The importance of spelling and proofreading your work
- To understand the proper format for letters, reports, memos and email etiquette

Communication for Results1 Day Course
- Learn ways to prioritize, plan, and manage your time
- Identify your primary leadership style
- Develop flexibility to use other leadership styles
- Determine ways you can meet the needs of employees and co-workers through communication and coaching
- Explore ways to make conflict a powerful force for creative, well-rounded solutions to problems

Visioneering - Setting Goals2 Days Course
Defining personal and corporate goals is very important in order to achieve success. Understanding what drivers motivate success and how to engage others in the process is a skill. This programme will teach you how to write and achieve any goal on time and in budget.
- Be equipped with a world-class system of writing, planning and achieving any goal/vision
- Understand what drives the how
- Able to use the 16 win-win business strategy to achieve your business objectives
- Learn how to write a detailed Action Plan and implement it into your day to day planning
- Learn, with precision, how to achieve any target –guaranteed!
- Learn the mind-shifts and belief systems you need to adopt to obtain your objectives
- Discover who your Focus 5 are and discover how to model the outstanding
- Discover how persistence pays off

PowerPoint PresentationsHalf Day Course
This short module helps you to prepare your PowerPoint presentation and to present it with confidence.
- Planning and preparing your presentation
- Dos and don'ts to correct preparation
- Dos and don’t to PowerPoint presenting
- Understanding your audience and meeting their objectives in addition to yours
- Wardrobe preparation
- Warming up your voice and handling nerves
- Key tips on how to engage with your audience and not present “at them”
- Handling difficult questions – Q&A
- Speaking “off the cuff” with confidence

PowerPoint Presentation Skills1, 2 or 3 Days Course
- Knowing what the say and how to get your message across with impact is key to your success. This programme will look at all levels of presenters and take them to a whole new dimension. You will be transformed in a very short space of time with 1-1 coaching and video feedback.
- Know and influence your audience
- Learn how to prepare your presentation for every eventuality
- Write outstanding beginnings, middle and endings and learn how to remember content with ease
- Understand how to impact the 3 main types of people listening to your presentation
- Overcoming your nerves and relaxation techniques
- Learn how to powerfully articulate your voice and use it maximum effect
- Understand how your body language effects the signals you are giving out
- Learn how to speak “off the cuff” and think on your feet
- Learn how to handle conflict and objections and how to respond to difficult questions
- Improve significantly with video feedback and constructive criticism (all delegates receive a DVD of their presentation)

Conference Speaking2 Hours 1 to 1 or Half Day, 1 Day Course
Knowing what to say and how to make an imp[act to your audience determines how others not only perceive you but your business. You are a window to your business –discover how best to represent your organisation at the conference podium. Learn how to deliver powerful, positive and dynamic presentations with confidence.
- Know your audience –discover your outcomes
- Plan and prepare for success
- How to write an impactful beginning, middle and end
- Discover the 3 types of individual in your audience and how to engage all of them
- Discover how to get your message across
- Handling difficult questions with grace
- Learn the art of “speaking off the cuff” with ease
- Handling nerves
- Speaking with confidence and conviction

Corporate Reputation Management1 or 2 Day Course
- How reputation impacts your business
- Sources of Reputational Risk
- Basic Rules of Reputation
- Branding and Reputation
- Corporate Communications
- The Stakeholder Imperative
- Drivers and Strategy for Reputation

Dealing with Difficult People1 Day Course
- Recognize how your own attitudes and actions impact others.
- Find new and effective techniques for dealing with difficult people.
- Learn some techniques for managing and dealing with anger.
- Develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

Developing Personal Impact1 or 2 Day Course
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This programme looks as your physical appearance, how you come across on the telephone and what impact you have on others.
- What is my personal impact?
- How to make a good first impression
- Giving feedback with impact
- Build rapport and communicate effectively
- Understand how your personal style impacts others
- Be better equipped to handle “difficult behaviour”

Exceptional Customer Service1 Day Course
This programme discovers what Exceptional Customer Service looks, sounds and feels like and provides the delegate with the necessary tools to ensure repeat business
- Have a common understanding of what exceptional customer service looks like and gain tips and tactics to demonstrate this
- Understand how to spot and communicate with the 3 main types of customer
- Telephone usage for customer service
- Communicate more assertively and effectively
- Techniques to ensure customer service is a team approach

Effective Communication Skills1 or 2 Day Course
Learning how to communicate with others is key in developing relationships. People by people and so it is essential to understand how to communicate with congruence and effectiveness
- Discover the 3 main types of people
- Identify how your style impacts positively or negatively with others
- Understand key drivers to better communications
- Discover how to create rapport
- Learn how to read other people through their body language
- Understand how to communicate in person and on the phone

Handling Conflict1 Day Course
- Recognize how your own attitudes and actions impact others
- Find new and effective techniques for dealing with difficult people
- Learn some techniques for managing and dealing with anger
- Develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

HR1 to 3 Day Course
- Scope of HRM - HR Planning
- Job Analysis and Recruitment
- Recruiting Yield Pyramid
- Internal and External Recruitment
- Discuss why human resources can be a core competency for organisations
- Define HR planning, and outline the HR planning process.
- Specify four important HR benchmarking measures
- Identify factors to be considered in forecasting the supply and demand for HR in an organisation

Inventory Management –The Nuts and Bolts1 Day Course
- Understand terms that are frequently used in warehouse management
- Identify the goals and objectives of inventory management and measure your process against these goals
- Calculate safety stock, reorder points, and order quantities
- Evaluate inventory management systems
- Identify the parts of the inventory cycle
- Better maintain inventory accuracy

Leadership Development2 to 5 Day Course
This programme is for established leaders to sharpen their skills to become even better. We will look at various types of leaders and discover varying methodologies, challenge our own techniques and perfect our skills to better lead teams. We will also look at methods by which to mentor your team members to better perform.
- The Importance of Culture
- What is Organisational Culture?
- How does it impact on teams and individuals?
- What are the key elements of a supporting and enabling culture?
- The role of the leader in ensuring that objectives and outcomes are achieved in an appropriate way
- Leadership Principles – Ethics and Values
- The case for an ethical and value based approach to leadership
- What does the approach consist of?
- Considering the implications and challenges associated of implementing and working with this approach
- Developing a framework of appropriate values and behaviours to support and enable organisational success
- The developmental role of the leader
- The importance of supporting and enabling continuous development of teams and individuals
- Establishing the role and responsibilities of the leader in team and individual development
- Identifying the skills and behaviours aligned to development
- The leader as a coach and mentor
- What is coaching and mentoring and what are the distinctions
- Developing the key skills to support continuous development
- Working with the tools and techniques of coaching and mentoring

Minute TakingHalf Day Course
Carefully and accurately recording meetings is essential in many companies today. To ensure meetings are productive key ingredients include: assurance of closure, a strong chair and accurate minutes
- Recognise the importance of minute taking
- Use minutes to their advantage
- Be able to remedy various complaints
- Write minutes for formal, semi-formal and action minutes

Making the Most of Networking Opportunities1 or 2 Day Course
Discover how to grow your business through successful, targeted networking.. Learn the importance of who you need to meet and where to find them. Optimise your chances of success by planning and perfecting your networking.
- Also discover the importance of correct business etiquette and correct international protocol
- Learn how to target your key clients
- Discover correct business etiquette and correct international protocol and how to do business with various different cultures
- Understand how to work a room
- Learn the art of effortless introductions and business communication
- Discover the dos and don’t to networking
- How to get in and out of conversations with grace
- Learn how to follow up with key contacts

Motivating Your Team1 or 2 Day Course
- Identify what motivation is
- Describe common motivational theories and how to apply them
- Learn when to use different kinds of motivators
- Create a motivational climate
- Design a motivating job

Public Relations1 Day Course
- Process of Public Relations
- Tools of PR
- Community and Government Relations
- Direct communication methods
- What is effective PR?
- Media Management –New and Traditional
- Contacting the Media
- What sells and how to get on the front line

Psycho-Linguistics1 to 3 Day Course
Understanding how your voice is the window into the business is key to providing the all-essential outstanding Customer Service.
This programme is specifically designed for Call Centers handling a large volume of calls on a consistent basis.
- Discover the 25 essential keys to handling calls
- Understand the dynamics of listening effectively
- Write good news / bad news letters to dramatically increase poor customer service ratings
- Learn the 20 key, trigger words needed for every conversation and letter writing exercise
- Increase your customer service ratings by at least 30% in 6 months –money back guarantee

Selling – Essential Skills1 to 2 Day Course
Learning how to turn opportunities into key selling activities is key to enhance and grow business. Knowing when to sell and how to sell are essential tools. Learn how to reach more customers and close more deals in this programme
- Understand the concepts and process of selling plus key communication skills
- Essential selling skills for success
- Setting and achieving your goals
- Learn the different types of questions
- AIDA –Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
- ABC –Always be Closing –how to close the sale
- Concepts on presenting the sales pitch

Stress Management1 Day Course
Burnout and stress is becoming an epidemic in the workplace leading to insecurity, complex issues and illness. This programme looks at possible causes and potential initiatives to prevent stress.
- Understand that stress is a positive, unavoidable part of life
- Recognise the symptoms
- Identify what leads to stress for you and others
- Identify which actions add to stress
- Changing situations and dealing more appropriately with certain behaviour

Train the Trainer1 Day Course

This intensive, hands-on course teaches delegates essential training skills and promotes an understanding of how to teach delegates in the most effective way
- Understand what is required to be an effective trainer
- Understand the learning styles and the process of learning
- Be able to prepare, plan and deliver and evaluate a training session
- Be able to develop and use visual aids to support the message

Supervisory Skills - Basic1 Day Course
This programme is for new supervisors or those in part time work. This programme helps you overcome various initial issues without becoming discouraged but encouraged
- Clarify your role and responsibilities
- Adjust to your new role with confidence
- Develop your communication skills in listening, asking questions and giving constructive feedback to employees
- Discover tools to ensure your communication is clear and understood
- Look at techniques to deal with employee challenges such as hostility, complaints and laziness
- Recognise the benefits to being visible and available
- Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers, so as you are seen to be fair and consistent

Supervisory Skills - Intermediate1 Day Course
This programme is designed for those who need to sharpen their skills as a supervisor and take on new initiatives to build their skills.
- Learn key leadership skills and recognise how you lead
- The 4 stages of Team Development
- Characteristics of vital team players and how to interact with them
- Engaging in good communication and giving constructive feedback
- Providing instruction and influencing relationship
- Performance coaching to add to your role

Telephone Techniques - Half Day Course (Elem/Int/Adv)
This module is for anyone who wants to improve their results through good telephone communications
- Learn how to get through to anyone on the phone (winning script provided)
- Understand how to identify the 3 main types of people and communicate in their terms to maximum effect
- Understand how to receive and forward calls
- Learn key effective communication skills
- Learn how to out manoeuvre even the toughest gate-keeper
- How to get an appointment every time with ease and confidence

Time Management1 Day Course
Managing ourselves and time is key to high productivity. Building time management techniques into our daily routine is key to perfecting our strategies for success.
- Understand common sources of poor time management
- Learn simple techniques to better manage your time and workspace
- Understand how to set and achieve your goals
- Take control of those things that might take us off our focus
- Learn a technique which will reduce what usually takes 3 months to just one month

Managing Meetings1 Day Course
This programme is for managers
- Looking at lifecycle of meetings before, during and after a meeting
- Event design, the running and handling different personality types to follow up actions after meeting
- Confidence building techniques
- Presence and voice management
Available are bespoke versions of any aspects of this course as a one day, two day or half days for companies who want to work on specific aspects.

Education Support for Finance and Accountancy Professionals
Educating the next generation of finance professionals is an important job made more difficult with the amount of choice there is in the profession.
Education support includes:
- writing professional examinations
- marking professional examinations
- authoring technical content
- qualification design and implementation

- Suzanne Combly – Projects Manager UniSdirect, University of Surrey
“Thank you for running an excellent course for us which was well received by all the delegates.  We had a capacity audience and had no negative comments which is quite an achievement!”