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Why Companies Should Invest in Staff Education and Courses

While some companies may consider professional development training programs for staff and management teams as a valuable idea, others may see it as a waste of resources with no gains.
Offering professional development training or bespoke programs is a win-win for organizations and their employees. These employees perform better and are able to handle more responsibilities. Also, investing in learning and development of a company’s workers, help employers attract the best candidates and identify highly skilled staff that can take up leadership positions in the future. 
As a business owner, it may not be a smart idea to cut employee training and bespoke developmental programs from your company’s hiring package or budget since this option helps attract the best skills in an ever-changing world. 
Some of the benefits to both company and employees are discussed below.
1. It increases the knowledge of your team
Employees become vast in the knowledge of different courses which leads to better staff expertise, and can positively affect overall productivity. 
2. Employees’ job satisfaction increases
When workers continually undergo different levels of personal development and capacity building programs, they are more confident and effective at their job. This can lead to improved career satisfaction and encourage employee retention. 

3. It boosts the reputation of the company
When an organization offers a variety of training and development opportunities for its team, it builds a positive reputation, as this decision simply means the employer is concerned about its workforce. Potential clients, customers, and job seekers will rate your company higher. For instance, job seekers may feel more secure about setting career goals since programs that will refine and develop employee skills is provided by the employer.
4. You attract better-suited candidates for the job
To bring in experts, upper-level employers, and career-driven candidates, employers, often think attractive salary or benefits alone will do the trick. But that’s not the full picture. Business owners and organizations must strive to convince intending employees and staff that they can up their career and grow professionally if they decide to work for you. 
This makes working for you more even more attractive.
5. It helps save costs
Employee development should not be considered as an expense, but an investment which would, in the long run, save the company money, since well-trained workers are more efficient and require little or no supervision in accomplishing tasks. This will directly affect the company’s bottom-line and can significantly reduce the costs of hiring new staff.
6. It leads to employee loyalty
When workers begin to feel less appreciated and lack challenge on the job, they may consider leaving for better career advancement opportunities. Learning, whether long-term or short-term, undoubtedly exposes your employees to new experiences and keeps them committed to the job. Professional development training provided for by employers, helps build enthusiasm and ensure that staff remains loyal.
Finally, employers should reinforce commitment to providing professional learning opportunities for employees and top management staff. These courses may be eLearning, leadership training seminars, short bespoke courses, or conferences to expose promising candidates for more challenging opportunities within your organization. 
While professional training programs for both employees and top management workers is a responsibility of the employers, workers should equally strive to invest in their skills by enrolling in courses that are useful in developing their knowledge and ensuring that they stay in-demand, and relevant in an ever-evolving world.


Lukasz Kalinowski
Managing Director
Ace Academy Learning and Development Ltd